Lash Extensions

Do your wear strip lashes regularly?

Do you want to ditch the mascara?  

Then this treatment is for you!

Classic lash extensions also known as the 1.1 technique involves one single natural lash being isolated and one lash extension being attached to that natural lash. Its the perfect treatment to enhance your natural lashes.

Your lashes will be styled to enhance your eyes. Styling can create effects such as cat eye, whispie, make your eyes appear more rounded or disguise hooded eyes. 

Lash extensions last until your natural lashes shed through the bodies natural lash shedding cycle, allowing them to last 4-6 weeks or indefinitely with infills every 2-3 weeks.

Full set of lash extensions takes roughly 1.5-2 hours and costs £55.


Mini Sets

Mini sets allow anyone who is new to lash extensions insight into what they would look like and feel on, as they are just under half of the amount of extensions that are applied in a full set. 

Treatment takes 1hour and costs £35.


Lash Infills

Lash infills keep our lashes full and looking fresh. The treatment involves a lash bath to get your lashes all clean. Then any lash extensions that have grown out are removed and replaced with new extensions. Any new lashes that have grown in that are at the correct stage to be lashed will be, bringing your lashes back to a full set.

Lash Infill 1hour (2-3 weeks fill) £25

Lash Infill 1.5hour (3-4 week fill) £35

Please note that anything over 4 weeks is a full set. 

Infills are based on how many extensions will be shed in the average week, if your feel that you have shed more than usual then please select a longer lash infill time to allow enough time to get your back up to a full set. 

I do not infill any other salons work!


Express Lashes

Express lashes are a perfect short term lash treatment. Individual lashes are placed along the lash line adding length and volume to your lashes. Just like lash extensions different lash styles can be achieved. However because express lashes are not applied to each individual natural lash as done with lash extensions they must be removed within 2 week to avoid any damage to the lash cycle.



Lash extensions will be gently removed with the best of care leaving your natural lash in good condition by finishing off with a nice lash bath.

Removals cost £10.

If you are getting a fresh set on the same day then your lash removal is FREE!



Lash lift

Do your have naturally straight lashes?

Are you sick of curling your lashes every day?

Are you not a lash extension girl?

Then lash lift is the treatment for you!

Lash lifts curl, lift and lengthen your natural lashes from the root. This treatment lasts 6-8 week!

Treatment takes 1hour and includes a lash tint. Costs £40.

Patch test is required at least 24 hours before your first lash lift treatment at LM Beauty and Makeup Artistry.